Our science lesson by Dougie

Our first lesson was physics  which we did in one of physics labs. It was pretty impressive (I wish we had one at Roselyon). First she showed us a laser beam. She squirted some water onto the beam and it showed us the light travelling in straight lines. We then made some pinhole cameras . These were brilliant.

Our music lesson by Talai

Our second lesson was music. The music room was full of keyboards and instruments. We were given 3 different coloured cards with different beat patterns on. The Teacher would shout a card colour and we had to play that rhythm on the keyboard. I found it pretty easy but Mr F. didn’t!

Our German lesson by Jakub

Our third lesson was German. The teacher was nice but sounded strict. First we learnt about the parts of Germany. Next we split into pairs and did some German conversation. We had to go to the front and speak our conversation in front of the class for a sweet . I found it quite easy but some people did not.

Swimming  by Henry


After lunch we went swimming. The pool is 25m long and is super but the diving blocks were too high for me to dive off. Chris-the lifeguard  was squirting us with a high pressure hose! We had great fun.

Tour by Mr F

Whilst the kids were enjoying themselves in the Pool Richard Palmer gave us a guided tour of the college.  Cleary there is a huge emphasis on sport and we saw well equipped gyms and  sports halls. The school runs many clubs. George Asquith (see video) told me about the sailing. I met the fencing tutor– a national coach and  Ruta Meilutyte who won a gold medal in the London Olympic swimming.  She is one of many Plymouth swimmers who have won medals over the years including Roselyon former pupil Cassie Patten  who gained a medal in Beijing. Richard was very proud of another former pupil-Tom Dinnis first  who plays  both cricket and rugby for the county.   Richard teaches Design Technology and took huge pride showing me round the well equipped workrooms and showing me the students A level projects. Alas I could not fit the laser cutter into my bag! The school takes boarders and children live in converted houses (see picture below). As already mentioned the students were all friendly and proud of their school.

 Roselyon Pupils at Plymouth College

It was a pleasure to meet our ex-pupils. Poppy and Jack did sterling work showing us round. Jack won an art scholarship and his work at Plymouth is about to go on display. I had a long chat with Katie Mills who won a swimming scholarship (see her in the video) and failed to recognise Elizabeth Ham (pictured). Ollie and Kit have both settled in well and clearly respect their teachers. I can’t remember Kit ever listening to what I had to tell him!

Roselyon Year 6 visit Plymouth College

On Wednesday, 19 September 2012 all of our Year 6 children were invited to spend the day visiting the school and this page is a record of our day. This was my first visit to the school and I was hugely impressed by the students, staff and facilities.  I deliberately put the students first. Many schools have open days in the evening and only selected pupils are invited which makes is very difficult to see the all important peer to peer and staff pupil interaction. The Plymouth pupils were without exception a credit to their school.  The staff I met were all dedicated, friendly and were respected by their students. The head of Year is Richard Palmer        who buzzes with enthusiasm for his kids, his subject and his school. Richard is highly approachable and should be the first point of contact for prospective parents.  The school campus is in a lovely part of Plymouth. Of course the Olympics have really put the school on the map and for aspiring sportsmen and swimmers Plymouth offers good scholarships and training which rivals even Millfield. The school has a strong academic results and has a good reputation for supporting children who need a little extra help

Click on the image to view the Plymouth College website

Click on the image to view the video we made of our visit to Plymouth College