Science Garden
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Roselyon Science Garden 2014

The science garden project started off 20 years ago. The only available space was a 45 degree slope of waste land by the car park. Over the years we have added tons of compost to bring the garden level. Alas we have an ongoing problem with the trees which have a conservation order and so each year we have less light and more invasive roots.

We use the garden for many plant based investigations as well as growing a variety of vegetables and flowers.

We have three ponds in the garden which are home to about 100 newts and frogs. Stick insects live in the trees bordering the garden.

Summer 2008

Just before half term we had a visit from the Police telling us that local people had reported a body buried in our grounds.  Mr Ferguson was sent to assist him.  Sure enough there was a mound of fresh earth under the trees. “Do you know anything about this?” asked the Policeman.

“Sorry,“ he replied.  ”I do get fed up with the children but I would not go quite as far as to murder them!”

Fearing the worst the policeman phoned the Chief Inspector and asked him if the special squad should be called.

 “Do you have a man in school with a spade?” replied the Inspector...and so it was left to Mr Ferguson to dig up what we suspected was a body.  Fortunately we found nothing...This could only happen in Cornwall!”

On Friday 29 January 2008 Tim our gardener came in to help us plant a hedge and apple trees in the garden.

New Greenhouse

I put the new greenhouse on the head’s lawn over the Summer Holidays. This will be a huge asset for our plant experiments.

Roselyon Science Website

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